Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

You do you.

At Honest Goods Co. we believe you should be able to find the right foods to suit your individual dietary needs without having to compromise on taste. For us, it's not about the hashtag diet groups - it's about making sure there's something for everyone on the menu.

While our entire range is free from gluten & dairy, we also offer loaves for paleo, vegan, sugar free, egg free & nut free diets. Does that mean our goods are just made of air? Hardly. See for yourself.

Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

We want to see a shift towards more transparency in food labelling, more accessible 'real food' options for busy people & more allergy-friendly options at our local. It is our sincere intention to be part of this change.

Fructose Friendly

Fructose friendly.

We use organic rice malt syrup as a kinder alternative to cane sugar. Made from fermented cooked rice, it's fructose free & slow releasing, so you won't get a 3pm sugar crash. We also use Xylitol, a natural plant extract with the worst name in the history of health food marketing. Aside from being sugar free, Xylitol also happens to be excellent for your dental health.

Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

But why though?

By now we know that 'refined sugar free' doesn't mean a whole lot when it's fructose that you're sensitive to. We avoid using cane sugar, agave, dates, honey or maple. We'd rather leave it to you to add them if you fancy.

With increasing evidence linking high fructose consumption with Type II Diabetes, obesity, auto-immune conditions, & other modern diseases, most of us could afford to reduce the amount we consume. Dive deeper into the sugar thing on our blog.