Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

You do you.

At Honest Goods Co. we believe you should be able to find the right foods to suit your individual dietary needs without having to compromise on taste. It's not about the hashtag diet groups - it's about making sure there's something for everyone on the menu.

While our entire range is free from gluten & dairy, we also offer loaves for paleo, vegan, sugar free, egg free & nut free diets. Does that mean our goods are just made of air? Hardly. See for yourself.

Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

It’s all good.


The wholefoods approach.

As a gluten free, wholefoods bakery, Honest Goods Co. has always taken a holistic approach to creating our products. We’re in the business of creating food that nourishes, satisfies and delights, while also being as gut-friendly as possible.

Honest Goods Co. Pumpkin Bread

Honestly, though.

We want to see more transparency in food labelling, and we’re doing our best to keep it honest at our end. We’ll tell you everything that’s in our goods and a lot of the things that aren’t in them too. Our macros are listed on our site for easy reference, and if there’s anything you specifically want to know about our ingredients and supply chain, please ask! We also wrote a guide to deciphering food labels, click through to the blog to swot up.