Artisan Nut Butter Blends.


Keeping it honest.

The Honest Pantry artisan nut butter blends are all natural, vegan and sugar free. Small batch, made in Perth, Western Australia.

What you won’t find in our pantry: chemical emulsifiers; added oils; sugar; or ingredients with numbers instead of names.


We love our locals.

We couldn't do this without the support of all the independent grocers, boutiques and cafes that got behind us from day one. We encourage you to support them with your dollars!


There's a bazillion ways to enjoy our nut butter.

✔️on Honest Goods Co. gluten free toast
✔️add a spoonful to smoothies
✔️drizzled over yoghurt or granola
✔️as an ingredient for cookies & brownies
✔️in a satay
✔️ from the jar ... with a spoon.

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