Did you know, a lot of ‘refined sugar free’ products simply switch out the cane sugar for other fructosey sweetners like agave, dates, honey & maple (mostly sucrose, which converts to fructose during digestion). These products still contain sugar, & can even be higher in fructose than plain old cane sugar (we’re looking at you, agave!).

With increasing evidence linking high fructose consumption with Type II Diabetes, obesity, auto-immune conditions, & other modern diseases, most of us could afford to reduce the amount we consume.

We use organic rice malt syrup as a kinder cane sugar alternative.  Made from fermented cooked rice, it’s fructose free & slow releasing, making for a subtly sweet option that won’t spike your blood sugar only to send you crashing down hours later.

We also use Xylitol, a natural birch bark extract with the worst name in the history of health food marketing.  Aside from being sugar free, Xylitol also happens to be excellent for your dental health.